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Bass Drum Muffle «Kick Pad»

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Sound absorbing damper for the bass drum was designed specifically to clearly project low frequencies, absorbing and eliminating dirty mid and high frequencies, giving you a tight, focused and powerful tone of the percussion drum. The acoustic damper for the bass drum is made of acoustic foam, resulting in a powerful and focused sound.Suitable..

Glue for acoustic foam

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It is a high-quality, single-component acrylic adhesive for wall and floor coatings with zero slip. The product is characterized by high adhesion to all surfaces. After drying, it forms a waterproof, durable glue joint. Withstands heavy loads and deformations and ensures durability of bonding. The product is environmentally friendly and does not co..

Mounting «Foamfix» brackets.

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"Foamfix" mounting brackets for installation of Acoustic Foam, Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps.Mounting "Foamfix" is convenient to use when installing acoustic foam and acoustic panels of all sizes.The set consists of one metal fastener and two dowels with screws...

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